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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 4, 17 February 1983

Volume 19, Issue 4

17 February 1983

Optical-fibre unit for optical submarine cable
Application of modified Ebers-Moll model to nonlinear distortion analysis of transistor amplifiers
Molecular beam epitaxial double heterojunction bipolar transistors with high current gains
Long-term precipitation rate statistics for north-east of Spain
Inverse scattering solutions of scalar Helmholtz wave equation by a multiple source moment method
Enhanced bandgap resonant nonlinear susceptibility in quantum-well heterostructures
Liquid-core optical fibre for voltage measurement using Kerr effect
Modes of propagation in slot line with layered substrate containing magnetised ferrite
Theory of FM noise of single-mode injection lasers
A priori bound for optimal stochastic control problem with multiplicative noise
Carrier lifetimes in silicon epitaxial layers deposited on oxygen-implanted substrates
Analysis of quasicyclic ferrite junction by point-matching technique
Fast photoconductive GaAs detectors made by laser stimulated MOCVD
Enhancement of birefringence in polarisation-maintaining fibres by thermal annealing
PSK homodyne receiver sensitivity measurements at 1.5 μm
CAD broadband matching design
High-speed GaAlAs-GaAs heterojunction bipolar transistors with near-ballistic operation
Switched-capacitor second-order noise-shaping coder
Erratum: Deformation-free overgrowth of InGaAsP DFB corrugations

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