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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 3, 3 February 1983

Volume 19, Issue 3

3 February 1983

Algorithm for VLSI chip floor plan
Numerical analysis of 4-arm Archimedean spiral antenna
One watt CW visible single-quantum-well lasers
Passive optical GaInAsP/InP waveguides
Short-cavity single-frequency InGaAsP buried-heterostructure lasers
Digital-filter functions with fast coefficient implementation: an addendum
Characterisation of second-order discrete-time filters
Adele, a fast suboptimal estimator for real-time deconvolution
Effects of 140 Mbit/s operation on degradation of GaAlAs DH lasers
Stability test for switched-capacitor filters
Dispersion characteristics of asymmetric coupled slot lines on dielectric substrates
Novel adaptive biasing amplifier
Control of the height of Schottky barriers on MBE GaAs
Low-OH MCVD fibres without a barrier layer using OH → OD-exchanged substrate tubes
Fusion splicing between optical circuits and optical fibres
Accurate method for characterising single-mode fibres: theory and experiment
Matrix partial-fraction expansion method
Evolution of power distribution in graded-index fibres
Demodulation scheme fibre interferometric sensors employing laser frequency switching
Comment: Analysis of efficiency limitations in high-low emitter back surface field silicon solar cells
CW high-power single-mode operation of gain-guided stripe-geometry multiple-quantum-well lasers
Analogue optical link for multichannel frequency-modulated television transmission
29 GHz E-plane biphase modulator
High-speed decoding technique for slip detection in data transmission systems using modified cyclic block codes
10 kHz linewidth 1.5 μm InGaAsP external cavity laser with 55 nm tuning range
AlN capped annealing of Se and Sn implanted semi-insulating GaAs
Quaternary 1.5 μm (InGaAsP/InP) buried crescent lasers with separate optical confinement
Prediction of scattering cross-section reductions due to plate orthogonality errors in trihedral radar reflectors
In situ mass spectrometric investigation of metallised InP samples during annealing
Inductive twin-strip gratings in incident TE waves
Use of far-field radiation pattern to characterise single-mode symmetric slab waveguides
Suppression of bulk modes in SAW transversal filters by gold transducers
High-resolution digital sinewave generation

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