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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 25-26, 8 December 1983

Volume 19, Issue 25

8 December 1983

Unique reflector arrangement with very wide field of view for multibeam antennas
Low-pressure MOVPE growth of Sn-doped GaAs
Mobile radio propagation in Auckland at 76 MHz
Desktop computer appraisal of potential slow-wave propagation characteristics for Schottky coplanar lines
Microbending loss in monomode fibres: solution of petermann's auxiliary function
Experimental investigation of stability properties for a semiconductor laser with optical feedback
Integrating infra-red detector with electronically modulated response
Optoelectronic 10 Gbit/s code generation by a picosecond photoconductive device
Residual shrinkage of UV-cured acrylate-jacketed optical fibres
Phase-shift technique for the measurement of chromatic dispersion in single-mode optical fibres using LEDs
New diffraction grating profiles in InP for DFB lasers and integrated optics
Performance of FH-MFSK cellular mobile radio in the presence of nonsynchronous users
Mode partition noise caused by wavelength-dependent attenuation in lightwave systems
Prediction of the ultimate performance of side-tunnel single-polarisation fibre
Low threshold current GaAs/GaAlAs GRIN-SCH stripe lasers grown by OMVPE
High-power aging test on 1.3 μm DC-PBH lasers with reflective coated mirror
Group-type unidirectional SAW devices employing intra-transducer reflector banks
New technique for semiconductor device modelling
Technique for flexible multidimensional filter design
Predicted large-signal performance improvement by active compensation in microwave IMPATT amplifiers
Assessment of millimetre-wave Si IMPATT material
Determination of modal dispersion in monomode fibres from wavelength dependence of the mode spot size
Analysis of SC networks using continuous-time four-port equivalents
Subscriber line interface circuit LSI fabricated using high-voltage CMOS/SIMOX technology
Minimised error criterion in recursive least-squares parameter estimation
Efficient algorithm for adaptive normalised lattice filters

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