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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 24, 24 November 1983

Volume 19, Issue 24

24 November 1983

Novel mode scrambler for reducing mode dependence in multimode optical waveguides
Exact design of strays-insensitive switched-capacitor highpass ladder filters
Radiative and nonradiative recombination law in lightly doped InGaAsP lasers
Fast algorithm for the exact determination of the mapped effective areas of trihedral radar reflectors
Simple measurement method for polarisation modal dispersion in polarisation-maintaining fibres
Simple method for feedback parameter determination in optical feedback controlled semiconductor lasers
Speech recognition on a distributed array processor
AlGaAs/GaAs multiquantum-well (MQW) laser applied to monolithic integration with FET driver
Novel vertical GaAs FET structure with submicrometre source-to-drain spacing
Nondestructive SAW material attenuation via acoustic microscopy
GaAs FET power amplifier module with high efficiency
Semiconductor laser linewidth in optical feedback configurations
Polarisation-maintaining single-mode-fibre resonator
Low-dispersion 1.55 μm optical system operating at 320 Mbaud over 103.5 km
Dual translinear voltage/current convertor
Monolithic PIN/preamplifier circuit integrated on a GaAs substrate
Effect of antenna size on OTS signal scintillations and their seasonal dependence
Effects of hydrogen diffusion on optical fibre loss increase
In0.53Ga0.47As liquid phase epitaxy on (100)-InP substrates at low growth temperatures
Alloy composition and flow rates in GaxIn1−xAsyP1−y lattice-matched to InP grown by MO-CVD
General-purpose adaptor structure for wave-digital-filter realisation
Temperature desensitisation of delay in optical fibres for sensor applications
Radiometer input circuit requirements for microwave thermography
1.03 GHz operation of a low-loss SAW filter using 3-phase unidirectional transducers with thin dielectric layered feed electrodes
Efficient analysis for infinite microstrip dipole arrays
Infra-red loss spectrum of hydrogen molecules in a silica fibre
Autostabilisation technique for achieving highly stable resonant optical feedback in a fibre resonator loaded injection laser
Low-loss single-mode-fibre splicing technique using core direct monitoring
Anisotropic undercutting in (100) indium phosphide
High-dynamic-range AM detector for data logging applications
Hydrogenation of electron traps in bulk GaAs and GaP
81 km submarine optical repeater trial
Tractable form of the dyadic Green function for application to multilayered isotropic media
Erratum: Analysis of coupled asymmetric microstrip lines on a ferrite substrate
Erratum: Normalisation of Fourier descriptors of planar shapes
Erratum: Prime sequences: quasi-optimal sequences for OR channel code division multiplexing

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