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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 21, 13 October 1983

Volume 19, Issue 21

13 October 1983

Temperature stability of transit time delay for a single-mode fibre in a loose tube cable
Fabrication of a stress-guiding optical fibre
Comment: Analysis of radiative and nonradiative recombination law in lightly doped InGaAsP lasers
Reply: Analysis of radiative and nonradiative recombination law in lightly doped InGaAsP lasers
Integrated-circuit test structure which uses a vernier to electrically measure mask misalignment
Family of order-4 four-level orthogonal transforms
Behaviour of device structures based on IDT-launched bulk acoustic waves in a parallel-sided plate of lithium niobate
Phase tomography in microwave diagnostics
Systolic convolution array
Mode-guiding in bistable twin-stripe lasers
Temperature characteristics of wavelength tuning in separately pumped integrated-etalon interference lasers
Low threshold ridge waveguide laser at 1.55 μm
Simple rain-attenuation-prediction technique for terrestrial radio links
Prediction of mode dispersion in graded-index single-mode fibres
Very high CW output power and power conversion efficiency from current-confined CDH-LOC diode lasers
Integrated optical spectrum analyser using planar technology on oxidised silicon substrate
Propagation mechanisms in quadruple-clad fibres: mode coupling, dispersion and pure bend losses
Cryogenic performance of microstrip substrates
Prime sequences: quasi-optimal sequences for OR channel code division multiplexing
Temperature dependence of the Kerr effect in a silica optical fibre
Low contact resistance nonalloyed ohmic contacts to Zn-implanted P+ GaAs
Performance of a cryogenic 3 mm Schottky-mixer receiver on the Metsähovi 14 m radio telescope
Quarter-micron gate length microwave high electron mobility transistor
Improved method of digital/analogue and analogue/digital conversion
Simple clock extraction circuit using a self sustaining monostable multivibrator output signal
Frequency scanned circular antenna array
Predicting the performance of queuing networks with dynamic job routing
Hardware-oriented algorithms for the fast symbolic calculation of the DFT
Monolithic J-band image-rejection filter
Erratum: Simplified linearly polarised contoured beam reflector antenna for a European coverage requirement
Erratum: Signal-to-noise performance of the pulse-interval and width-modulation system

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