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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 2, 20 January 1983

Volume 19, Issue 2

20 January 1983

Switched-capacitor digital multiplier
Deformation-free overgrowth of InGaAsP DFB corrugations
Substrate bias effect for C-MOS operational amplifier using SIMOX technology
Slow-wave propagation on MIS periodic coplanar waveguide
S-parameter model of dual-gate GaAs MESFET
Long-wavelength Ti:LiNbO3 wavguide electro-optic TE↔TM convertor
Study of deep level in bulk P-InP by admittance spectroscopy
Radix-2 FFT butterfly processor using distributed arithmetic
Efficient burst-correcting cyclic codes
TE0-TM0 mode degeneracy in anisotropic waveguides with nonsymmetric isotropic claddings
Waveguide-bandwidth millimetric mixer with IF to 18 GHz
Design of recursive filters to simulate clutter for the evaluation of radar MTI processors
Crosspolarisation properties of reflector antennas with random surface errors
Modified numerical method for solving the nonlinear mixer pumping problem
Reduction of turn-on delay in laser diode optical switch
Monomode fibre fusion splicing with CO2 laser
Structure of spatio-temporal prefilters for conditional-replenishment video coders
Novel component to approximate steady-state mode power distribution in graded-index fibres
Fast discrete cosine transform algorithm for systolic arrays
Stray-insensitive switched-capacitor-network realisation for voltage transfer functions
Planar InP/InGaAs-APD with a guardring formed by Cd diffusion through SiO2
Modified canonic ladder realisation of IIR digital filters
Entropy-coded hybrid differential pulse-code modulation
Wave-theoretical analysis of signal propagation on FET electrodes
New ultra-high-speed GaAs strobed comparators
Stabilisation of 2-D digital filters via Hilbert transform
Optical phase-locked loop using semiconductor laser diodes
Isomorphic FIR digital filters
Analysis of buffer behaviour for an integrated voice-data system
Erratum: Nondestructive film thickness measurement on industrial diamond

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