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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 18, 1 September 1983

Volume 19, Issue 18

1 September 1983

Performance of two tripole arrays as frequency-selective surfaces
Residually excited LPC processor for enhancing helium speech intelligibility
Sets of complementary sequences
Constraints for fundamental-mode spot size for broadband dispersion-compensated single-mode fibres
Reduced long-range signal reception with leaky feeders
1.5 GHz operation of an AlxGa1−xAs/GaAs modulation-doped photoconductive detector
Tunnelling in aluminium/aluminium-oxide/palladium junctions: hydrogen-induced variations
Two's complement extension of a parallel binary division by ten
Simplified linearly polarised contoured beam reflector antenna for a European coverage requirement
Applicability of the relay correlator to radar signal processing
Coupled-wave theory regarding phase-locked-array lasers
False-alarm probabilities for a log-t detector in k-distributed clutter
Equivalence between circular and rectangular posts in guiding structures
InxGa1−xAs-epitaxy with metalorganic adducts
Systolic array for recursive least-squares minimisation
Hydraulic waveguide flange clamp for precision measurements
Near-field measurements in monomode fibres: determination of chromatic dispersion
Current oscillations in semiconductor diodes under streaming instability conditions
Parameters of coplanar waveguides with lower ground plane
Buffers with stochastic output interruptions
Far field radiated by short-circuited microstrip antenna acting at a quarter-wavelength resonance
Direct observation of visibility curve of semiconductor lasers
Temperature stability of surface-generated bulk waves
Highly stable FET DROs using new linear dielectric resonator material
Transmission loss increase in optical fibres due to hydrogen permeation
Integrable tunable sinusoid oscillator using DVCCS
Positive and negative charge generation by hot carriers in n-MOSFETs
Simple method for computation of Wiener-Lee decomposition

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