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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 17, 18 August 1983

Volume 19, Issue 17

18 August 1983

Negative differential resistance in GaAs MESFETs
Fitting of a weighted Gaussian lowpass filter to the transfer function of graded-index fibres to reduce bandwidth ambiguities
Linewidth of a single mode in a multimode injection laser
Laser-beam attenuation measurement using acousto-optic modulator
Joint-loss dependence on mismatch parameters in graded-index optical fibres
Wavelength tuning of GaInAsP/InP integrated laser with butt-jointed built-in distributed Bragg reflector
Solid-state devices in H-guide, groove guide and fence guide
New method for equivalent-step-index fibre determination
Optical losses in metal/SiO2-clad Ti:LiNbO3 waveguides
Far-field distribution of semiconductor phase-locked arrays with multiple contacts
Incident wavelength dependence of pulse responses in InP/InGaAsP/InGaAs avalanche photodiodes
Emission frequency stability in single-mode-fibre optical feedback controlled semiconductor lasers
Ka-band Y-circulators in integrated waveguide technology
Electroplated Au-GaAs1−xPx and Au-Ga1−xAlxAs Schottky barriers
Generation of single-longitudinal-mode gigabit-rate optical pulses from semiconductor lasers through harmonic-frequency sinusoidal modulation
Low-temperature expitaxial growth of (100) silicon
Fibre-optic digital transmission experiment with heterodyne detection
Wavelength-discriminating photodetector for lightwave systems
Optical fibre jacketed with high-modulus low-linear-expansion-coefficient polymer
Double-square frequency-selective surfaces and their equivalent circuit
Easily trimmed third-order RC-active-filter section with finite transmission zeros
Bend behaviour of polarising optical fibres
Improved feed network for group-type unidirectional transducers
Modification of phase-locked-loop performance using a sample-and-hold circuit
Universal multiple-output second-order digital filter
Subthreshold currents in CMOS transistors made on oxygen-implanted silicon
Totally self-checking checker for 3N arithmetic codes
Practical single-polarisation anisotropic fibres
Comment: Quantum mechanical explanation of spontaneous emission K-factor
Polarisation-mode dispersion as bandwidth-limiting factor in a long-haul single-mode optical-transmission system
Frequency-selective combline directional couplers designed as novel filters and multiplexers
Comparing the chromatic dispersions of two single-mode silica fibres with pure F and pure GeO2 doping, respectively
New and simple method for selective mode group excitation in graded-index optical fibres
CMOS current comparator circuit
Simulation of GaAs submicron FET with hot-electron injection structure
Polarimetric strain gauges using high birefringence fibre
1.3 μm InGaAsP/InP multiquantum-well lasers grown by vapour-phase epitaxy
New method for determining the series resistances in a MESFET or TEGFET
Simple coding scheme for modular arithmetic
Equivalent-circuit consideration of dual-gate MESFETs at high frequency
Erratum: Relevance of complex normalisation in precision reflectometry

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