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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 15, 21 July 1983

Volume 19, Issue 15

21 July 1983

Short-coupled-cavity (SCC) InGaAsP injection lasers for CW and high-speed single-longitudinal-mode operation
Reduction of preamplifier noise induced measurement errors in radiometers
Hydroxyl concentration profile in low-loss graded-index fibres
Electrical measurements on silver-diffused InP
Thermally accelerated degradation of 1.3 μm BH lasers
Electric-field-shielding layers formed by oxygen implantation into silicon
Numerical investigation of soliton interaction
Generation of codes with good autocorrelation properties
Topology-finite-element method for solving electromagnetic field problems
Electro-optic sampling with picosecond resolution
Accuracy of design data for microstrip of unequal widths in an inhomogeneous medium
General sensitivity formulas for lossless two-ports
Reduction of temperature and vibration sensitivity of a polarimetric current sensor
Limitations of looped-line scheme for overcoming wired-or glitch effects
Resolution improvement in refracted near-field index measurement by a lens-shaped liquid cell
Fabry-Perot cavity type 1.5 μm InGaAsP BH-laser amplifier with small optical-mode confinement
Fabrication of SiO2-TiO2 glass planar optical waveguides by flame hydrolysis deposition
Isolation spectra for laser diode optical switch
230–271 GHz cryogenic radiometer
Variability of mobile radio path loss in Auckland at 465 MHz
Middle IR As-S and As-Se glass fibres with optical losses lower than 1 dB/m
Attenuation measurements on MOCVD-grown GaAs/GaAlAs optical waveguides
Novel collision detection technique for CSMA/CD based fibre-optic local area networks
GaInAsP/InP buried-heterostructure optical waveguides at a 1.5 µm wavelength
Characteristics of wire-space-type submarine optical cable
Relevance of complex normalisation in precision reflectometry
Selective implantation of GaAs for MESFET applications

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