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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 14, 7 July 1983

Volume 19, Issue 14

7 July 1983

Contribution to the understanding of pattern coverage of an open-circuited microstrip wraparound antenna acting at half-wavelength resonance
Amorphous-silicon FET array for LCD panel
Hybrid LPE/MBE-grown InGaAsP/InP DFB lasers
Injection-locked 1.5 μm InGaAsP/InP lasers capable of 450 Mbit/s transmission over 106 km
Implications of velocity overshoot in heterojunction transit-time diodes
Attenuation measurements of leaky waves by the acoustic line-focus beam
Digital control of a two-terminal resistance
Physical mechanisms of bandgap-narrowing in silicon
Simultaneous multilevel proof testing of high-strength silica fibre
Resistance value and field distribution of rectangular anisotropic resistive region
Minimisation of on-resistance of VDMOS power FETs
Influence of substrate conductivity on characteristics of ZnO/SiO2-diaphragm piezoelectric resonators
Planar structure AlGaAs/GaAs pin photodiode grown by MOCVD
1.55 μm multisection ridge lasers
Yield enhancement of bit level systolic array chips using fault tolerant techniques
Radiation losses of E-plane groove-guide bends
Signal-to-noise performance of the pulse-interval and width-modulation system
Rectangular to polar conversion
Diversity advantage for cordless telephones
Fabrication of long-length high-strength single-mode silica fibres
InGaAs avalanche photodiodes for 1 μm wavelength region
Accurate method for analysis of a packet speech multiplexer
Exact calculations of scattering parameters of a step slot width discontinuity in a unilateral fin-line
High-order azimuthal modes in the open resonator
T-cell SC integrator synthesises very large capacitance ratios
High-speed planar InP/InGaAs avalanche photodiode fabricated by vapour phase epitaxy
Low insertion-loss, temperature-compensated dielectric filters for microwave integrated circuits
Linearly dispersive time-delay control of magnetostatic surface wave by variable ground-plane spacing
CMRR analysis of instrumentation amplifiers
Biased Gaussian noise source for digital-transmission-system simulations
1.52 μm PSK heterodyne experiment featuring an external cavity diode laser local oscillator
10 GHz active mode-locking of a 1.3 μm ridge-waveguide laser in an optical-fibre cavity
Electro-optic X-switch using single-mode Ti:LiNbO3 channel waveguides
100 GHz bandwidth planar GaAs Schottky photodiode
Helically corrugated circular waveguides as antenna feeders
Complex waves on shielded lossless rectangular dielectric image guide
Room-temperature optically triggered bistability in twin-stripe lasers
Erratum: Fundamental mode waveguide at submillimetre wavelengths
Erratum: Mode analysis of optical fibres using computer-generated matched filters

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