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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 12, 9 June 1983

Volume 19, Issue 12

9 June 1983

High-power InP MISFETs
MIM gate FET: new GaAs enhancement-mode transistor
Long delay time for lasing in very narrow graded barrier single-quantum-well lasers
Aging characteristics of InGaAsP/InP DFB lasers
New monopulse tracking radar
Fundamental mode waveguide at submillimetre wavelengths
Polycrystalline silicon sheets for solar cells by improved spinning method
Simplifying key management in electronic fund transfer point of sale systems
Continued-fraction algorithm for biased model reduction
PIN-bipolar optical receiver using a high-frequency high-beta transistor
Modifications to MOS transistor model CASMOS for increased accuracy of DC simulations of heavily channel-doped n-MOS devices
Fast realisation of 2-D digital filters using logarithmic number systems
Noninverting parasitic-compensated bilinear SC integrator with only one amplifier
Small-active-area germanium avalanche photodiode for single-mode fibre at 1.3 μm wavelength
Incorporation of Sb in GaAs1−xSbx (x<0.15) by molecular beam epitaxy

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