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Electronics Letters

Volume 19, Issue 1, 6 January 1983

Volume 19, Issue 1

6 January 1983

VLSI—are smaller devices and more complex chips mutually exclusive?
High-performance single-mode AlGaAs Gaussian channel substrate planar laser diodes
Single-mode semiconductor laser optically pumped by an injection laser
Fast processing of 4 in silicon wafers using two 150 W halogen lamps
Anodic oxidation of a-Si:H films
Numerical algorithm for pole-sensitivity study of LC ladder networks
Design of 2-D recursive digital filters satisfying prescribed magnitude and constant group delay response
Radiation-induced loss and colour-centre concentration in optical fibres
PMOS transistors fabricated in large-area laser-crystallised Si on silica
Coherent optical-fibre sensors with modulated laser sources
Sampling approach for fast computation of scattered fields
Polarisation preserving single-mode-fibre coupler
Theory and design considerations for a new millimetre-wave leaky groove-guide antenna
Monte Carlo particle simulation of a GaAs short-channel MESFET
Computer simulation of an oxide walled emitter STL gate
Measurement of very-high-speed photodetectors with picosecond InGaAsP film lasers
Computationally efficient discrete cosine transform algorithm
Generation of field scattered by imperfectly conducting objects from the solution of a perfectly conducting object
Calculated and measured spot size of equivalent Gaussian field in single-mode optical fibres
Terminations for component-simulation-type SC ladder filters
Erratum: Simple low-cost correlator and multiplier circuits
Erratum: Implementation of convolution and Fourier transforms using 1-bit systolic arrays
Erratum: Further results on maximally flat nonrecursive digital filters
Erratum: Effects of filtering on statistics of rain-induced fade durations

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