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Electronics Letters

Volume 18, Issue 9, 29 April 1982

Volume 18, Issue 9

29 April 1982

Feedback effects in a laser diode due to Rayleigh backscattering from an optical fibre
Broadband end launcher for X band rectangular waveguide
FM noise measurement of w-band impatt diodes with a quasi-optical direct detection system
Modal equalisation for two-mode fibre link using a step-index fibre
Fine tuning of a millimetre-wave open resonator
GaInAsP/InP DH laser on semi-insulating InP substrate with terrace structure
Optical receiver front-end nonlinear distortion
High-sensitivity fibre-optic strain sensors for measuring structural distortion
Application of finite-element method to H-plane waveguide discontinuities
Second-order Q and ω0 shifts in RC active filters having nonideal amplifiers
Thin MBE GaAs millimetre-wave mixer diode using Ge substrate
Technique for measuring true time-resolved spectra of a semiconductor laser
Unrepeatered video transmission using pulse frequency modulation over 100 km of monomode optical fibre
InGaAsP/InP dual-wavelength BH laser array
Determination of spatial surface state density distribution in MOS and SIMOS transistors after channel hot electron injection
Network equivalence for crystal prototype Brune section
Single-carrier-type dominated impact ionisation in multilayer structures
System reduction by Cauer continued-fraction expansion about s=a and s=∞alternately
New application for radiation resistance
Method for superimposing data on amplitude-modulated signals
Optical excitation of quartz resonators
S/N performance of an AlGaAs laser preamplifier and a linear repeater system
LPE growth of In0.48Ga0.52As0.01P0.99 lattice-matched to GaAs from an In melt rich in P
Pyroelectric substitution method for calibrating optical fibre components attenuation
Analytical approximation for W-type fibre propagation parameters
Simple received signal/eye amplitude monitor for digital repeaters
Novel SC integrator realising the bilinear z-transform
Passive compensation scheme suitable for use in the single-mode fibre interferometer
Performance of FH-MFSK serial search synchroniser for mobile radio
Comment: Fundamental mode spot-size measurement in single-mode optical fibres

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