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Electronics Letters

Volume 18, Issue 8, 15 April 1982

Volume 18, Issue 8

15 April 1982

Concentric ring and jerusalem cross arrays as frequency selective surfaces for a 45° incidence diplexer
Hydrogen-induced DLTS signal in pd/n-Si Schottky diodes
Optical tap array using distributed-index planar microlens
Microwave signal generation using an optical self-heterodyne technique
Estimation of single-mode waveguide dispersion using an equivalent-step-index approach
Elastic tube splice performance with single-mode and multimode fibres
Some properties of multidimensional sampling rate conversion
Encapsulant-free annealing of ion-implanted GaP
Variable lowpass wave-digital filters
Polarisation-holding in a high-birefringence fibre
Electric field sensitive optical fibre using piezoelectric polymer coating
Wholly synthesised VAD single-mode fibre
Large graded-index preforms fabricated by high-rate VAD
Radiation conductance of SSBW IDT on rotated Y-cuts of LiNbO3
Direct coupling between two dielectric resonators
Parametric photovoltaic cell
Reduction of optical phase noise in semiconductor lasers
Rotation of plane of polarisation of a beam of microwaves by corrugated reflection surfaces
TEG in LP-MO CVD Ga0.47In0.53As-InP superlattice
Monolithic integrated amplifiers for 400 Mbit/s optical repeater
Scatterer reconstruction from multistatic far-field data
New technique for 2-port measurement using an 8-port directional coupler
Printed geodesic lenses in glass with ion-exchanged film waveguides
Stable monolithic GaAs FET oscillator
Output correlation functions of power-law nonlinearities fed by Gaussian noise
S-Parameter characterisation of a transition from a 50 Ω coaxial line to a non-50 Ω microstrip line
Erratum: Nonperiodic sampling and identifiability
Erratum: New method for measuring ultrawide frequency response of optical detectors

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