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Electronics Letters

Volume 18, Issue 24, 25 November 1982

Volume 18, Issue 24

25 November 1982

Optoelectronic digital/analogue convertor-emitter
Temperature sensing in twisted single-mode fibres
Low-loss quadruple-clad single-mode lightguides with dispersion below 2 ps/km nm over the 1.28 μm–1.65 μm wavelength range
Precise calibration of a rotary vane attenuator at 35 GHz using a homodyne network analyser
Nonreciprocal circuit for laser-diode-to-single-mode-fibre coupling employing a YIG sphere
Diode laser array excited star coupler suitable for Fibernet II
Uniaxially strained ZnO/SiO2/Si SAW resonators
Observation of crosspolar effects using a microwave open resonator
Automatic analysis of two-port active microwave network
InGaAs enhancement-mode MISFETs using double-layer gate insulator
Fabrication of polarisation-maintaining fibres using gas-phase etching
Enhancement of resist plasma erosion rates by electron-beam hardening
New runlength-limited and DC-free line code of minimum bandwidth
Spatial distribution of hot electrons as a physical limit to MOS transistor performance
First-order design method and experimental results for microstrip surface circulators with external matching circuits
Viscosity and optical measurement on fluoride glasses
Rayleigh scattering in ZrF4-based glasses
Fast method for calculating cutoff frequencies in single-mode fibres with arbitrary index profiles
Switching behaviour of Al2O3-n GaAs MISFETs
Characteristics of annular-ring microstrip antenna
Use of low dielectric constant substrates for microstrip time-delay triggered TRAPATT oscillators
Optical gain measurements of 1.3 μm In1−xGaxAsyP1−yAs function of injected current density
BSO/fibre-optic voltmeter with excellent temperature stability
Enhancement of electron velocity in modulation-doped (Al,Ga)As/GaAs FETs at cryogenic temperatures
Polarisation stability in long lengths of monomode fibre
Crosspolar levels of ring arrays in reflection at 45° incidence: influence of lattice spacing
Comment: Parasitic insensitive toggle switched capacitor and its applications to switched capacitor networks
Attenuation measurements on single pieces of fibre and extrapolation over longer distances
Erratum: Transverse current on strip dipole antenna
Erratum: Self-locating elliptically cored fibre with an accessible guiding region

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