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Electronics Letters

Volume 18, Issue 21, 14 October 1982

Volume 18, Issue 21

14 October 1982

Transmission experiments through 101 km and 84 km of single-mode fibre at 274 Mbit/s and 420 Mbit/s
Compact and rugged all-fibre coupler for wavelength division multiplexing
Implementation of digital signatures
Generation of single-longitudinal-mode subnanosecond light pulses by high-speed current modulation of monolithic two-section semiconductor lasers
Measurement of beam parameters of index-guided and gain-guided single-frequency InGaAsP injection lasers
Observation of transient spectra and mode partition noise of injection lasers
Fast decipherment algorithm for RSA public-key cryptosystem
Measurement of polarisation mode dispersion in elliptical-core single-mode fibres at 1.3 μm
Low field mobility, effective saturation velocity and performance of submicron GaAs MESFETs
How iterative transformations can help to crack the Merkle-Hellman cryptographic scheme
Single-mode optical-fibre index profiling with improved resolution
Radio propagation within buildings at 900 MHz
Simple low-cost correlator and multiplier circuits
Fluctuations on OTS-Earth copolar link against diurnal and seasonal variations
Theoretical random process for prediction of rain attenuation statistics in site diversity satellite links above 10 GHz
Influence of pressure on temperature sensitivity of GaxIn1−xAsyP1−y lasers
Quantum mechanical explanation of spontaneous emission K-factor
Limit cycles in relay systems
Resolution of monochromatic signal sources using a simple receiving antenna array
Ground station antenna crosspolarisation measurements with an imperfectly polarised ancillary antenna
Cascaded bandpass vth-law devices
Residue number system error checking using expanded projection
1.5 μm optical heterodyne system operating over 30 km of monomode fibre
DICMOS—novel MOS logic
Dielectric guiding due to an inverted gain profile in GaAs/GaAlAs lasers
Selected-area molecular beam epitaxy on ion-implanted GaAs substrates
Erratum: Floating voltage-controlled resistors in CMOS technology
Erratum: Reply to Comment on ‘Fundamental mode spot-size measurement in single-mode optical fibres’
Erratum: Phototransistors in digital optical communications systems for 1–1.6 μm wavelength
Erratum: Finite-element analysis of flat overlay waveguides for acoustic surface waves using acoustic surface impedance
Erratum: Turn-on delay for Josephson logic devices with high damping
Erratum: Parasitic insensitive toggle-switched capacitor and its applications to switched-capacitor networks

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