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Electronics Letters

Volume 18, Issue 16, 5 August 1982

Volume 18, Issue 16

5 August 1982

Reflection of spherical waves at plane interfaces where relative index of refraction is near unity
High-quantum-efficiency low-threshold microcleaved AlxGa1−xAs lasers
Buffering strategy for variable-symbol-rate speech waveform coders
Reply: Fundamental mode spot-size measurement in single-mode optical fibres
Fast annealing of 4 in. arsenic-implanted silicon wafers using an imaging furnace
Tunable fibre Raman oscillator in the 1.32–1.41 μm spectral region using a low-loss, low OH single-mode fibre
Low-loss splicing of a 62.4 km single-mode-fibre link
Multiplier/detector for SAW spectrum analysers
Thermodisplacement imaging of current in thin-film circuits
Schottky barrier restricted GaAlAs laser
Shunt current and excess temperature sensitivity of Ith and ηex in 1.3 μm InGaAsP DH lasers
Autocorrelation function parameters used to indicate incipient blockage in a pneumatic transport system
Short cycling in the Kravitz-Reed public key encryption system
Measurement of stresses in elliptical optical fibre or preform
Modified chernoff bound for binary optical communication
Low-temperature (~77 K) properties of InP MOSFETs using anodic-oxide gate insulator
Novel core alignment method for low-loss splicing of single-mode fibres utilising uv-excited fluorescence of Ge-doped silica core
High-speed coating of optical fibres with thermally curable silicone resin using a pressurised die
Hydrogen passivation of deep donor centres in high-purity epitaxial GaAs
Minimum-dispersion spectra of single-mode fibres measured with subpicosecond resolution by white-light crosscorrelation
Theory for self-sustained pulsations in semiconductor lasers

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