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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 9, 30 April 1981

Volume 17, Issue 9

30 April 1981

Theoretical comparison of crosspolar performance of dielectric and corrugated feeds
Performance of an improved InGaAsP ridge waveguide laser at 1.3 μm
Accurate submicroampere controlled current source
Acoustic properties of evaporated chalcogenide glass films
Reconstruction of bidimensional electromagnetic field by unidimensional sampling technique
Direct observation of Lorentzian lineshape of semiconductor laser and linewidth reduction with external grating feedback
Quantum phase noise and linewidth of a semiconductor laser
Three-layer low frequency hybrid electrothermal filter
Degree of controllability due to individual inputs
Convolutional codes for multi-level modems
Bandwidth formulas for chromatic limitation in optical fibres
Erratum: Birefringence measurement in twisted single-mode fibres
Erratum: High frequency microstrip branch-line coupler design with T-junction discontinuity compensation
Erratum: New technique to improve antenna measurements in the presence of site reflections

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