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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 7, 2 April 1981

Volume 17, Issue 7

2 April 1981

Design of twin-T single amplifier building block with prescribed values of capacitors and minimum gain-sensitivity product
Fibre light acceptance for modified near field technique
Birefringence measurement in twisted single-mode fibres
Delay reduction techniques in phase-locked loop amplifiers
Nulling performance of null-steering arrays with digital phase-only weights
New technique to improve antenna measurements in the presence of site reflections
5–18 GHz, 3 dB hybrid coupler
High speed 2-bit analogue-digital convertor using LiNbO3 waveguide modulators
Effect of field amplitude taper on measured antenna gain and sidelobes
Lower bound on one shot error probability
Multiplexing system for fibre optic sensors using pulse compression techniques
Characteristics of broadside-coupled microstrip lines with iso/anisotropic substrates
General analysis of bilinear SAW convolvers
Analysis of 11 GHz slant path fade duration and fade slope
Optical fibre connectors using a fused and drawn multi-glass-rod arrangement
Effect of masking geometry on gain of bipolar transistors
Design technique for low-current generators
Spectral characteristics of semiconductor laser diodes coupled to optical fibres
Experimental validation of exact design of switched-capacitor ladder filters
Switched capacitor analogue delays comprising unity gain buffer
Le maillage rectangulaire et le changement de maille dans la méthode TLM en deux dimensions (Rectangular meshing and mesh change in the 2D TLM method)

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