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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 4, 19 February 1981

Volume 17, Issue 4

19 February 1981

Simple algorithm to improve LPC vocoder speech with noisy input
Optoelectronic matrix switch using heterojunction switching photodiodes
Approximate solution for step discontinuity in dielectric slab waveguide
Polarisation mode dispersion measurements in long single mode fibres
Resolution enhancement in time domain reflectometry systems
Elliptical oscillation in molecular beam maser with disk resonator
Low distortion feedback voltage-current conversion technique
Multistage monostable multivibrator using load-coupled regenerative feedback
High voltage gain CMOS OTA for micropower SC filters
Microwave thermal emission of rain
Temperature variation of SAW power flow angle
Guided-wave holographic grating beam expander-fabrication and performance
Bistable operation in semiconductor lasers with inhomogeneous excitation
GaAs binary frequency dividers for high speed applications up to 10 GHz
Alloy scattering effects and calculated mobility in n-type Ga0.47In0.53As
Effective canting angle of distorted raindrops along Earth-space propagation path
Strays-insensitive switched capacitor biquads with reduced number of capacitors
Determination of viewing aspect window of RCS diagram for recognition of isotropic linear target
Calculation of lateral current spreading and series resistance effects in oxide stripe geometry GaAs-GaAlAs DH lasers
Voltage transfer function shift theorem

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