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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 3, 5 February 1981

Volume 17, Issue 3

5 February 1981

Simplified numerical analysis of optical fibres and planar waveguides
Design of error-actuated controllers for unknown multivariable plants
Schottky drain microwave GaAs field effect transistors
Buried heterostructure AlGaAs lasers on semi-insulating substrates
DFT processing of variable length sequences
Forward covariance least-squares algorithm: a new method in AR spectral estimation
Operating modes of millimetre wave transferred electron oscillators
Low threshold GaInAsP/InP lasers with good temperature dependence grown by low pressure MOVPE
Guided modes of a parabolic-core slab waveguide
Acoustic microscopy with noncoherent source
Realisation of a decoder for two MFM codes
Monolithic class AB operational mirrored amplifier
Phase weighting for linear antenna arrays
Differential encoding of composite secam colour TV signals
Accurate model for open end effect of microstrip lines
Tube-contacted slab waveguide for millimetre and submillimetre waves
High mobility GaAs-AlxGa1−xAs single period modulation-doped heterojunctions
Teflon FEP-clad fluoride glass fibre
Current-voltage conveyor
New technique for fabrication of low voltage Si Zener diodes
GaAs MESFET circuit simulation model including negative differential mobility
New 2-channel multiplexer using polarisation
Integrated optic frequency shifter modulator
Normalised power transmission in single mode optical branching waveguides
Beamforming fibre optic sensor
Rate of change of signal attenuation from sirio at 11.6 GHz
Grating acoustic scanner using bulk acoustic waves
Sensitivity of single mode buried heterostructure lasers to reflected power at 274 Mbit/s
Influence of diode capacitance on performance of balanced microwave mixers
Experimental 30 GHz printed array with low loss insular guide feeder
Comment: Method for signal processing with transfer function coefficients dependent only on timing

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