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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 24, 26 November 1981

Volume 17, Issue 24

26 November 1981

Optically frequency modulated GaAs MESFET oscillator
Waveguide cavity FET oscillator
CCD linear image sensor with buried overflow drain structure
Mutual influence among imperfect joints in multimode-fibre link
New reinforcement for arc-fusion spliced fibre
Simple derivation of discrete minimal-order optimal estimator
Phase constraints on FIR digital filters
Equivalent-time signal acquisition and processing
Performance of ruthroff transformer with reactive loads
Short- or open-circuited dipole parallel to perfect reflector plane and embedded in substrate and acting at resonance
Slot ring resonator and dispersion measurement on slot lines
Excess-noise and receiver sensitivity measurements of In0.53Ga0.47As/InP avalanche photodiodes
Two-stage stability test for two-dimensional recursive digital filters
Active RC single-resistance-controlled lossless floating inductance simulation using single grounded capacitor
Effect of substrate orientation on electrical properties of LPE-grown InP
Nonperiodic sampling and identifiability
Low-cost multiprocessor system
MOS switched capacitor integrator eliminating operational amplifiers
Ultrabroadband GaAs monolithic amplifier
4 Gbit/s pseudo-noise generator using GaAs MESFETs
Parasitic compensated switched capacitor circuits
External cavity controlled single longitudinal mode laser transmitter module
Spontaneous emission factor of narrow-stripe gain-guided diode lasers
Cylindrical concave diffraction grating utilising thin silicon chip
Erratum: Groove GaInAsP laser on semi-insulating InP
Erratum: Speed-power property of GaAs Schottky-barrier coupled Schottky-barrier gate FET logic
Erratum: New inductance and capacitor floatation schemes using current conveyors

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