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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 22, 29 October 1981

Volume 17, Issue 22

29 October 1981

Harmonic operation of GaAs millimetre wave transferred electron oscillators
1.3 μm InP/InGaAsP planar avalanche photodiodes
High frequency ZnO-SiO2-Si surface acoustic wave convolvers
Low-loss multifibre connectors with plug-guide-grooved silicon
Inverse Jury-Blanchard table and its applications to the inverse stability problem
Coupling of an optical fibre to a substrate entry photodiode
Least-squares magnitude filters with self-equalised delay characteristic
Self-aligned normally off GaAs MESFET using Sn-doped SiO2 glass
Efficient three-wavelength-output SAW multistrip beam compressor for convolver applications
Temperature dependence of peak heights in deep-level transient spectroscopy
Undoped semi-insulating LEC GaAs: a model and a mechanism
Pseudostereoscopic holographic imaging system: a possible approach to high resolution underwater mapping
Thermo-optic effect in LiNbO3, for light deflection and switching
Tradeoffs between noise, distortion and fibre length for multichannel analogue TV transmission over graded index fibres at 0.83 μm
Sidewall effects in shallow emitter of small bipolar transistor
Double crucible optical fibre for data link applications
Conditions for operation of semiconductor laser with negative light/current characteristic
Optical FM signal amplification and FM noise reduction in an injection locked AlGaAs semiconductor laser
Effect of direct current on spuriously generated third harmonics
SSB versus FM at VHF for mobile radio telephony
2-D digital filters using logarithmic number systems
Finite-element analysis of topographic waveguides for acoustic surface waves using approximate analytical solutions
Wavelength division multiplexing experiment employing dual-wavelength LEDs and photodetectors
Subjective performance of amplitude companding in SSB mobile radio systems
Depth of field improvements in long wavelength imaging systems
Erratum: Compound representation of high resolution sea clutter
Erratum: Effect of illumination and gate bias on flat-band voltage in plasma CVD Si-N on n-Si MIS structure
Erratum: Distributed mailbox arrangement which facilitates task communication in a multimicroprocessor system

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