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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 20, 1 October 1981

Volume 17, Issue 20

1 October 1981

Production of single-mode fibres with negligible intrinsic birefringence and polarisation mode dispersion
Mn as a p-type dopant in In0.53Ga0.47As on InP substrates
New optical heterodyne detector with integrated diffraction grating
Planar antennas on a dielectric surface
VAD single-mode fibres with high Δn values
Method for improving microstrip coupler directivity
Efficient real-time interpolation for D/A conversion
Efficiency of loaded conical log-spiral antenna
Optimum directivity of elliptic loop antennas
GaAs power MESFETs prepared by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition
Wideband tunable mm-wave Gunn oscillator design
Bistable operation of semiconductor lasers by optical injection
High-resolution measurement of diameter variations in optical fibres by the backscatter method
High-efficiency millimetre-wave silicon impatt oscillators
Numerical simulation of solar cell open circuit voltage decay
Determination of an initial mesh for computer simulation of H-abrupt devices
Improved conditional runlength codes based on two composite states
Cross-spectral densities of array elements for folded dipole and loop antennas
Multichannel photon-counting backscatter measurements on monomode fibre
Amorphisation and low temperature recrystallisation of InP
Symbolic analysis of circuits containing active elements
Temperature dependence of the transferred electron threshold current in In1−xGaxAsyP1−y
Effects of heat treatment on noise spectrum in Au-InP Schottky barriers
Efficient fundamental frequency oscillation from millimetre-wave indium phosphide n+-n-n+ transferred electron oscillators
Temperature effect on low threshold voltage ion-implanted GaAs MESFETs
Interface states in MOSFETs due to hot-electron injection determined by the charge pumping technique
GaAs digital integrated circuits for very high-speed frequency division
Design of two-dimensional recursive digital filters to a specified stability margin
Leaky-mode channel-guide injection lasers
Materials dispersion zero in glass mixtures
Reduction of shot noise by the influence of space charge
Erratum: Encryption with keyed random permutations

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