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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 16, 6 August 1981

Volume 17, Issue 16

6 August 1981

Low-power gigabit logic by GaAs SSFL
New correlation radiometer for microwave thermography
High-performance millimetrewave GaAs Schottky-barrier flip-chip diode
Temperature dependence of the Gunn threshold in GaAs
Blood compatibility of components and materials in silicon integrated circuits
1.3 μm-wavelength mode controlled GaInAsP/InP etched laser
Single-mode-fibre design for 4 μm band operation
Compound representation of high resolution sea clutter
Minimum trajectory sensitivity of a linear system
Wavelength dependence of polarisation mode dispersion in elliptical-core single-mode fibres
Electron scattering profiles in SOS films measured by temperature-dependent Hall effect
Reliability assurance for long-length optical fibre based on proof testing
Modal distribution of backscattered light in a step-index multimode fibre
Microstrip IMPATT-diode oscillator for 100 GHz
Cascaded multipole switches for single-mode and multimode optical fibres
Failure of Matthiessen's rule in the calculation of carrier mobility and alloy scattering effects in Ga0.47In0.53As
Modelling of dual-gate MESFETs with second gate forward biased
Extension of time-bandwidth product in SAW spectrum analysers
Variation of diffused boron concentration in the neighbourhood of an oxide-masked edge
S-band TRAPATT oscillator with reduced frequency-temperature dependence
Erratum: Low-distortion high-output class B current convertor using error feedforward
Erratum: Inclusion of amplifier finite gain and bandwidth in analysis of switched-capacitor filters

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