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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 15, 23 July 1981

Volume 17, Issue 15

23 July 1981

Polarisation beat length measurement in a single-mode optical fibre by backward Rayleigh scattering
Achievement of 1 MHz frequency stability of semiconductor lasers by double-loop AFC scheme
Groove-guide microwave detector for 100 GHz operation
Optical transmission of 16 digitised TV channels over 21 km fibre at a bit rate of 1.12 Gbit/s
Evaluation of the gallager adaptive convolutional codes on real channels
Linearly focused acoustic beams for acoustic microscopy
Analysis for optimum threshold voltage and load current of E-D-type GaAs DCFL circuits
Interferometric current sensors using optical fibres
Modified VAD method for optical-fibre fabrication
TSRMA — a communication protocol for data transmission by radio channels
High rate pulse generation from InGaAsP laser in selfoc lens external resonator
Operational amplifier with compensation pole as basis for active networks
Low-loss single polarisation fibres with asymmetrical strain birefringence
Diffusion of transition elements in GaAs and InP
New commutated Doppler radar system
Anisotropy detection in sapphire by acoustic microscope using line-focus beam
Low-noise two-dimensional electron gas FET
Offset voltage, CMRR and PSRR of a long-tailed pair: an integrated approach
Transferred-electron oscillators at very high frequencies
Alternating beam method (ABM) in photothermal microscopy (PTM) and photoacoustic microscopy (PAM)
Picosecond pulse generation by lateral mode switching of (GaAl)As-heterostructure stripe lasers
Reliability of a new method for measurements of modal power distribution in optical fibres with application to mode scrambler testing
Field dependence of mobility in Al0.2Ga0.8As/GaAs heterojunctions at very low fields
Fast biased polynomial transforms for two-dimensional convolutions
Retiming 2.24 Gbit/s and demultiplexing 2.24 to 1.12 Gbit/s in an optical transmission system by means of a single-gate field-effect transistor
Comment: Lossless inductor simulation: novel configurations using DVCCS
Reply: Lossless inductor simulation: novel configurations using DVCCS
Analysis of multimode optical fibres with profile perturbations

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