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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 14, 9 July 1981

Volume 17, Issue 14

9 July 1981

Schottky-barrier elevation by ion implantation and implant segregation
Cavity length dependence of differential quantum efficiency of GaInAsP/InP lasers
Observation of higher-order diffraction components in degenerate four-wave mixing experiments in Bi12GeO20 crystals
Estimation of time-varying co-ordinates of ion beams
False-lock avoidance scheme for cost as loops
Efficiency and signal/noise ratio of short linear dipoles
Polarisation conservation in single-mode fibres
Interferometric measurement of dispersion of a single-mode optical fibre
Reply: Equivalent network analysis of dielectric thin-film waveguide with trapezoidal cross-section
Time-dependent thermal effects in current-modulated semiconductor lasers
Modal noise in single-mode fibres operated slightly above cutoff
Comment: Voltage amplification in switched-capacitor networks
Reply: Voltage amplification in switched-capacitor networks
Static characteristic of a new quasiparticle injected superconducting weak link device
New technique for determination of static emitter and collector series resistances of bipolar transistors
VIS-SC filters for higher clock frequency applications
Carrier-induced index change in AlGaAs double-heterostructure lasers
ZnO/SiO2-diaphragm composite resonator on a silicon wafer
Effects of finite operational amplifier gain-bandwidth product on a switched-capacitor amplifier
Synthesis of single-amplifier switched-capacitor networks
Erratum: Self-tuned filters

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