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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 12, 11 June 1981

Volume 17, Issue 12

11 June 1981

Probability distribution of amplitude scintillations on a line-of-sight link at 36 GHz and 55 GHz
Impact of entropic coding on the time delays associated with time-encoded speech (TES) systems
Acoustoinjection transistor-a new type of electrically controlled transducer
Recognition of isotropic plane target from RCS diagram
Interference on microwave digital radio links due to transhorizon propagation
Improved coupling between laser diode and single-mode fibre tipped with a chemically etched self-centred diffracting element
Effect of length of each transmission line in Roy transformer on wideband matching
Pulsed thermal annealing of arsenic-implanted silicon
Simple switching technique for fast PLL frequency synthesisers
Self-tuned filters
Reliability of AuGe/Pt and AuGe/Ni ohmic contacts on GaAs
Self-checking multiprocessor module for train control applications
Conditions for synchronisation and corresponding user capacities for spread-spectrum multiple-access systems
Single-mode optical Y-branching circuit using deposited silica guides (DS guides)
Monolithic GaAs travelling-wave amplifier
Remote arbitrating of a resource
Experimental study of single-mode W-type optical fibre
Precise delay/phase measurement using surface-acoustic waves and microprocessing
Polarisation-maintaining single-mode fibre with azimuthally inhomogeneous index profile
High-speed Ga0.47In0.53as photoconductive detector for picosecond light pulses
High-power subnanosecond switch
Reduction of crosstalk interference in local digital transmission
Power coupling from laser diodes into single-mode fibres with quadrangular pyramid-shaped hemiellipsoidal ends
Convertor of optimal capacitance for nonsinusoidal systems compensation to DC voltage
New SSBW mode in GaAs
Submicrometre lift-off line with T-shaped cross-sectional form
Very-high-speed back-illuminated InGaAs/InP PIN punch-through photodiodes
Erratum: Cutoff frequencies of W-type fibre with polynomial profile core
Erratum: Guided modes of a parabolic-core slab waveguide
Erratum: Theoretical comparison of crosspolar performance of dielectric and corrugated feeds

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