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Electronics Letters

Volume 17, Issue 1, 8 January 1981

Volume 17, Issue 1

8 January 1981

Reduction of symbolic sparse matrices
Long wavelength performance of SiO2/GeO2/P2O5 core fibres with different P2O5 levels
Long wavelength performance of optical fibres co-doped with fluorine
New method for maximum power consideration in solar cells with and without resistive losses
Refractive index data from GaxIn1−xAsyP1−y films
Extinction cross-section measurements on single falling water drops at 100 GHz
Asymptotic eigenvalues of vector wave equation for guided modes in graded-index fibre
Cutoff frequencies of W-type fibre with polynomial profile core
Lithium tetraborate: a new temperature-compensated SAW substrate material
1.5 μm region InP/GaInAsP buried heterostructure lasers on semi-insulating substrates
Optical mode conversion using chirped gratings
Self-Q-switched picosecond optical pulse generation with tandem-type AlGaAs TJS laser
Comments on ‘Cutoff frequencies of vector wave modes in cladded inhomogeneous optical fibre’
InGaAsP/InP separated multiclad layer stripe geometry lasers emitting at 1.5 μm
Observer design for differential difference systems
Variability of atmospheric noise temperature in 11–14 GHz band due to water vapour and clouds
Effect of raindrop shape on crosspolarisation/attenuation relationships
Sensitivities of impedance scaled SC filters
Spectral density of amplitude scintillations on a 55 GHz line of sight link
Some arithmetically symmetrical bandpass filters
Digital frequency subtractor and/or adder based on hybrid PLL
Duration of rain-induced fades of signal from Sirio at 11.6 GHz
Simple switched-capacitor decimation circuit
Noise characteristics of semiconductor laser amplifiers
Improved accuracy in calculating the characteristic polynomial
Modified lin's empirical formula for calculating rain attenuation on a terrestrial path
Extremely high electron mobilities in modulation-doped GaAs-AlxGa1−xAs heterojunction superlattices
Effect of vacuum annealing cleaning on electrical characteristics of GaAs1−xPx-Mo Schottky diodes
Discrimination of pulsed and CW signals using SAW power cepstrum analysis
Theory of switching in polysilicon-n-p+ silicon structures
Broad bandwidth concave transducer for scanning acoustic microscope
Stabilised FET oscillator with input dielectric resonator: large signal design
Multilevel double error correcting codes
Approximate determination of effective radius and effective dielectric constant of microstrip disc resonators
New moving target simulators for Doppler radar
Threshold voltage of a narrow-width MOSFET
Schottky-barrier coupled Schottky-barrier gate GaAs FET logic
Synthesis of surface reactances using grounded pin bed structure
Optimum optical pulse width for high bandwidth single-mode fibre transmission
Deep level spectroscopy in InP:Fe

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