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Electronics Letters

Volume 16, Issue 8, 10 April 1980

Volume 16, Issue 8

10 April 1980

Calculation method to obtain worst-case static noise margins of logic circuits
Hierarchical and parallel processing structure of two-dimensional systems
GaxIn1−xAsy P1−y/InP d.h. laser emitting at 1.15 μm grown by low-pressure metalorganic c.v.d.
Integrated nonuniform thin-film bandpass filter
Role of substrate in electrical properties of GaAs implanted layers
Transmission properties of 30.4 km v.a.d. fibre
Moulded multifibre connectors using rectangular multirod arrangement
Mobility of holes in the quaternary alloy In1−xGaxAsyP1−y
C.W. operation of AlxGa1−xAs/AlyGa1−yAs lasers grown by metalorganic c.v.d. in wavelength range 760~780 nm
New bilinear switched-capacitor immittance convertor circuit
Comparison of G/T between dual-reflector and primary-focus antennas
New realisation of maximum likelihood receiver for low-angle tracking radar
Power spectra of HDBn signals
Petri net approach to enumerate all simple paths in a graph
Analysis of geodesic lenses by beam propagation method
Novel two-o.a. three-resistor variable phase inverting amplifier
Characterisation of multiple-scan electron beam annealing method
Micrometre-gate m.e.s.f.e.t.s on laser-annealed polysilicon
Deduction of amplifier phase transfer characteristic from measured a.m./p.m. conversion-coefficient characteristic
Bipolar operation of power junction field effect transistors
Temporal frequency dependence of modal noise in fibres
Reconvergence phenomenon in synchronous sequential circuits
Error performance of frequency-hopped d.p.s.k. system

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