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Electronics Letters

Volume 16, Issue 7, 27 March 1980

Volume 16, Issue 7

27 March 1980

Low leakage current and saturated reverse characteristic in broad-area InGaAsP diodes
Thick-film strain gauges and pressure transducers
Nonlinear interaction of s.a.w.s in piezoelectric crystals with secondary electrons
Dielectric constant of semi-insulating gallium arsenide
Thick-film fabrication techniques for millimetre-wave dielectric waveguide integrated circuits
An improvement for the t.l.m. method
Kaleidoscope micro-optic star coupler
PVF2 tranducers for Rayleigh waves
Power spectra of d.p.s.k. signals for data transmission
Reactance-controlled short-backfire array
High performance millimetre Ge-GaAs mixer diode for low l.o. power applications
Crow's-nest antenna
1×2 optical switch using new type of pentagonal prism
Intermode phase scanning for recovering phase-modulated signals on multimode optical fibres
Single-mode fibre optic directional coupler
Cutoff frequency of a graded channel f.e.t.
First higher-mode cutoff in two-layer elliptical fibre waveguides
Frequency-dependent solution of suspended microstrip line with tuning septums
New switched-capacitor immittance converter using operational amplifier leapfrog structure
Method of designing filters with shaped passband response
Magnetostatic bulk wave propagation in a multilayered structure
L.M.S. algorithm for sequentially adapting all-zero digital filters in modified cascade form

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