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Electronics Letters

Volume 16, Issue 22, 23 October 1980

Volume 16, Issue 22

23 October 1980

M.S.W. nondispersive, electronically tunable time delay elements
Optical heterodyne detection of directly frequency modulated semiconductor laser signals
Ka-band self-oscillating mixers with Schottky BARITT diodes
Mechanical fibre optic switching using p.v.d.f. bimorph
C.W. operation of GaInAsP/InP laser with chemically etched mirror
Open ampoule diffusion in InP
Electrofluorescent colloid light switch
Propagation of m.f. signals along mine tunnel containing an axial wire and water trough
Planar-doped barriers in GaAs by molecular beam epitaxy
Hydraulic pressure buckling in plastic coated optical fibre
n-channel m.i.s.f.e.t.s in epitaxial HgCdTe/CdTe
AlGaAs heterostructure injection laser s.c.r.
Elimination of emitter edge dislocations in silicon planar n-p-n transistors
I.I.R. digital filter design using constrained optimisation techniques
Dual wavelength surface emitting InGaAsP l.e.d.s
Active Q-switching of lateral field coupling control d.h. laser
New line code for digital subscriber loop
Alloying behaviour of Au-Ge/Pt ohmic contacts to GaAs by pulsed electron beam and furnace heating
Ion beam oxidation of Nb-based Josephson junctions
Simple method for analysis of a class of switched-capacitor filters
A source of thermocouple error in radiofrequency electric fields
Fibre optic accelerometer
Pole sensitivity of all-pole lowpass LC ladder networks
Continuously variable solid state delay circuits
Recursive code generation based on m-sequence
Comment: Algorithms for computing relative neighbourhood graph
Reply: Algorithms for computing relative neighbourhood graph
Physical dependence of output conductance of voltage driven b.j.t.s
Reply: Novel sinusoidal oscillator employing grounded capacitors
Erratum: Parallel-wire meander line deflection circuit for electron beams
Erratum: Birefringence in graded-index monomode fibres with elliptical cross-section

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