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Electronics Letters

Volume 16, Issue 2, 17 January 1980

Volume 16, Issue 2

17 January 1980

Effectiveness of charged vacancies in diffusion of implanted boron in silicon
High transformation ratio for impedance matching with a radial line
More about a thinning algorithm
Technique for performing multiplication on a 16-bit microprocessor using an extension of Booth's algorithm
Pulsed electron-beam annealing of phosphorus-implanted silicon
Properties of a simple noise-sequence generator
1.6 Gbit/s optical receiver at 1.3 μm with SAW timing retrieval circuit
Optical memory readout by superluminescent diode with integrated photodetector
Maximisation of signal/noise ratio in array with broadened zero
Novel sinusoidal oscillator employing grounded capacitors
Switched-capacitor biquads based on switched-capacitor transconductance
Error-rate measurements for s.f.s.k. with band limitation
Temperature dependence of storage time in silicon p+-n-n+ switching diodes and reduction of harmonic distortion
Uplink adaptive depolarisation cancellation in a ground-to-satellite link
p-i-n/f.e.t. hybrid optical receiver for longer-wavelength optical communication systems
Investigations on a new force-frequency measuring gauge
Influence of growth conditions on the threshold current density of double-heterostructure lasers prepared by molecular-beam epitaxy
Comment: Transfer functions with equiripple passband and very low Q-factor for economical active filters
Erratum: Single-mode c.w. ridge-waveguide laser emitting at 1.55 μm
Erratum: Analysis and measurement of modal noise in an optical fibre
Erratum: Modal dispersion of optical fibres with a composite α-profile graded-index core

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