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Electronics Letters

Volume 16, Issue 18, 28 August 1980

Volume 16, Issue 18

28 August 1980

Channelled substrate lasers prepared by combination of organometallic pyrolysis and liquid-phase epitaxy
Probabilistic approach to multiplexer logic circuit design
Radiation characteristics of helix antenna with parasitic elements
Single-ended fibre strain and length measurement in frequency domain
Optimal excitation of multimode graded-index fibres in d.m.d. and d.m.a. measurements
Optimised structure for preparing long ultra-low-loss single-mode fibres
Effect of p-doping on carrier lifetime and threshold current density of 1.3 μm GaInAsP/InP lasers by liquid-phase epitaxy
Refracted power technique for cutoff wavelength measurement in single-mode waveguides
Effective data collection aperture in long-wavelength imaging systems
Ultimately low OH content v.a.d. optical fibres
Fabrication of completely OH-free v.a.d. fibre
Tunable magnetostatic surface wave demultiplexing filter/switch
Low temperature diffusion process for fabricating optical waveguides in glass
Early voltage uniqueness test for bipolar junction transistors
High efficiency 90 GHz InP Gunn oscillators
Channelled substrate narrow stripe GaAs/(GaAl)As lasers with quarter-wavelength facet coatings
Surface passivation of inversion layer m.i.s. solar cells
High frequency stability of laser diode for heterodyne communication systems
Effect of edge region on crosspolar performance of dichroic plate
Single-polarisation single-mode optical fibre with refractive-index pits on both sides of core
High sensitivity InP/InGaAs heterojunction phototransistor
Double-stimulus quality rating method for television digital codecs
InP/InGaAsP avalanche photodiodes with new guard ring structure
Optimum antenna separation for space diversity in l.o.s. radio links over flat ground
Erratum: Error rates of phase-modulated signals in multilink system with interference
Erratum: Multiplexer logic circuit design using cubical complexes

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