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Electronics Letters

Volume 16, Issue 15, 17 July 1980

Volume 16, Issue 15

17 July 1980

Electro-optical polarisation control on single-mode optical fibres
Fast binary logarithm computing circuit for binary numbers less than one
High bit rate modulation of narrow-stripe proton-implanted GaAs/GaAlAs injection lasers
Switching in m.i.s.m. and m.i.s.i.m. structures
New a.d. convertor with special application to medium precision platinum resistance thermometry
Near-field correction factors for elliptical fibres
Ideality and noise figure characteristics of r.f. sputtered millimetre GaAs diodes
Alternative burst transmission technique for digital telephone reticulation
Interference filter all-fibre directional coupler for w.d.m.
New charge transfer recursive filter
Picosecond pulse generation in semiconductor lasers using resonance oscillation
Improved digital automatic gain control for p.c.m. signals
Propagation of magnetostatic surface waves in multiple magnetic layer structures
Modal noise and optical feedback in high-speed optical systems at 0.85 μm
Integrated astable optical multivibrator using Mach-Zehnder interferometric optical switches
Very low noise photodetector system using p-i-n diode and baseband parametric upconvertor
Single lens transmission scanning acoustic microscope
Development of pulsed self-oscillating mixer
Error rates of phase-modulated signals in multilink system with interference
Simple picosecond pulse generation scheme for injection lasers
GaAs-GaAlAs phototransistor/laser light amplifier
Switched-capacitor realisation of C- and D-sections
Finite boundary corrections to coplanar stripline analysis
Tuning of transducer elements in transducer array
Single element controlled oscillator without external capacitors
Slab waveguide star coupler for multimode optical fibres
Novel submicroampere current-source design technique for monolithic circuits
Numerical analysis of radial thin-wire antenna in presence of conducting sphere

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