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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 9, 26 April 1979

Volume 15, Issue 9

26 April 1979

Variable-centre-frequency constant-bandwidth linear-phase digital bandpass filters
V.P.E. GaAs m.e.s.f.e.t. structure using oxygen injection during buffer layer growth
Hole traps in n-InP by d.l.t.s. and transient capacitance techniques
Recursive formulae for ladder-network optimisation
Low-noise optical detection of a 1.1 Gb/s optical data stream
Optimal radiation pattern of an array in the presence of two directional interferences
Optical fibres prepared by plasma-augmented vapour deposition
Microwave detection with n-GaAs/N-GaAlAs heterojunctions
Effect of injection current on the dielectric constant of an inbuilt waveguide in twin-transverse-junction stripe lasers
Noninverting integrators with improved high-frequency response
Novel microwave integrated lowpass filters
Low-sensitivity high-frequency inductance realisation without capacitor
Comment: Multifunction active R filter with two operational amplifiers
Comment: Multifunction active R filter with two operational amplifiers
Erratum: Fast s.a.w.-based discrete Fourier transformer

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