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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 8, 12 April 1979

Volume 15, Issue 8

12 April 1979

Configurations for the complex-internal-reflection (c.i.r.) light modulator
Low-noise microwave f.e.t.s fabricated by molecular-beam epitaxy
1.5 m optical transmission experiments using very low-loss single-mode fibres
Simple adaptive vectors encoding for two-dimensional redundancy reduction (saver)
General class of multisection quarter-wave transformers for impedance matching at microwave frequencies
Injection transistor-transistor logic (i.t.t.l.)
Stable reduced-order Padé approximants using the Routh-Hurwitz array
Design of minimum-phase charge-transfer transversal filters
Accurate translinear sinusoidal frequency doubler
New charge-differencing technique for c.c.d. transversal filters
Decentralised transmission zeros of linear multivariable continuous-time systems
Effect of feedback delay on tracking-loop frequency acquisition
Nonreciprocal directional filter: a new multipurpose ferrite device
Simplified procedure for indirect tests of optical-fibre transfer functions
Application of the cramer-rao bound to target motion analysis
Simple model of large-signal properties of 1 W f.e.t. at 5 GHz
Planar photodiodes made from vapour-phase epitaxial InxGa1−xAs
Optical frequency-selective filters in ion-exchanged waveguides
Digital processing technique for suppressing the interfering outputs in the image from an inline hologram
New resonant scatterer for measuring microwave magnetic-field distributions

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