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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 6, 15 March 1979

Volume 15, Issue 6

15 March 1979

Switched-capacitor simulation of grounded inductors using operational-amplifier pole
Low-cost analogue voltage-voltage convertors with arbitrary transfer characteristics
Miniaturised, hybrid, 500 Mb/s optical receiver package for data-link applications
Directional coupling of magnetostatic surface waves in layered magnetic thin films
Contribution of the discrete modes to the current propagating along a wire parallel to a moderate conducting earth
Modulation characteristics of InGaAsP/InP l.e.d.s at 1.5 μm wavelength
Two-dimensional high-speed acoustic Fourier transform of optical images
Low-to-high voltage-level shifter and waveform synthesiser
Amorphous-silicon field-effect device and possible application
Satellite slant-path attenuation statistics obtained using 20 and 30 GHz passive radiometers at Martlesham Heath
Checking of square-law detectors used in Hartshorn and Ward dielectric measurements
Laser annealing of m.o.s.-transistor channel implantations
Two-dimensional acoustic scanning of optical images
High-performance aperiodic frequency multiplying
Efficient transforms for multidimensional convolutions
Very easily testable/diagnosable sequential machine
Simple modification to circuit enumeration algorithm for better efficiency
Multiposition optical-fibre switch
Measurement and simulation of satellite systems single-channel-per-carrier frequency-modulation spectra
Discrete Fourier transform of correlation functions
Extending the low-frequency range of GaAs f.e.t. broadband microwave amplifiers using microstrip transmission lines
Evidence of collector-base junction burst noise

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