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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 25, 6 December 1979

Volume 15, Issue 25

6 December 1979

Ceramic capillary connector for 1.3 μm single-mode fibres
Circularly polarised printed array antennas composed of strips and slots
New integer programming scheme for nonrecursive digital filter design
Overlength-mode transferred-electron harmonic generators
Argon-ion bombardment effects on the electrical characteristics of platinum-silicon Schottky diodes
Distribution of symmetry information in spectrum of Boolean function
High-performance c.c.d. channel filter for a p.c.m. codec
Dynamic amplifiers in c.m.o.s. technology
Libido using Eros: half-duplex optical link
Responsivity and noise characterisation of ge avalanche photodiode throughout wavelength range 1.1–1.7 μm
M.O.S. neural pulse modulator
Channelled-substrate narrow-stripe GaAs/GaAlAs injection lasers with extremely low threshold currents
Low-bandgap (1.15 eV) InGaP/InGaAs solar cell
Silicon-on-sapphire m.o.s.f.e.t.s fabricated by back-surface laser-anneal technology
Plastic optical fibre with improved transmittance
Simple polarisation-independent optical circulator for optical transmission systems
Recursive algorithm for adaptive lattices
Convergence of adaptive lattice filters
Simultaneous dehydration with consolidation for v.a.d. method
Code modulation of m-sequences
Erratum: Active C realisation for the general biquadratic voltage transfer functions

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