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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 23, 8 November 1979

Volume 15, Issue 23

8 November 1979

Modal dispersion of optical fibres with a composite α-profile graded-index core
Mode dispersion of trapezoidal cross-section dielectric optical waveguides by the effective-index method
Optimal radix for monolithic memories
Tee-coupler for single-mode fibres
Picosecond optical pulse generation from an r.f. modulated AlGaAs d.h. diode laser
Compact dual-hybrid-mode feeds with low crosspolar radiation
Improvement of intermodulation distortion in microwave m.e.s.f.e.t. amplifiers using gate-bias compensation
n-channel formation on semi-insulating InP surface by m.i.s.f.e.t.
Synthesis and analysis of d.l.t.s. spectra from m.o.s. surface states
Integrated-circuit fabrication flaw detected using the supply-current analysis technique
800 Mb/s fibre transmission test using low-loss and low-dispersion single-mode cable
Gettering of epitaxial gallium phosphide using phosphosilicate glass
Optical-fibre network system for air-pollution monitoring over a wide area by optical absorption method
Surface reactance of corrugated planes
Evidence of trapping in device-quality liquid-phase-epitaxial In1−xGaxAsyP1−y
Analysis and measurement of modal noise in an optical fibre
Incorporation of bromine into Si-SiO2 interfaces and effects on interface state distribution
Low-loss optical Y-branch
Depletion-type m.o.s.f.e.t.s for low-temperature operation
Effects of drop size and temperature on forward and backward scattering of microwaves by raindrops
Propagation constants of guided modes in graded-index fibre with polynomial-profile core
Single-mode c.w. ridge-waveguide laser emitting at 1.55 μm
Minimum dispersion at 1.55 μm for single-mode step-index fibres
Reply: Minimum dispersion at 1.55 μm for single-mode step-index fibres

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