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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 22, 25 October 1979

Volume 15, Issue 22

25 October 1979

D.F.T. computation by fast polynomial transform algorithms
Mg-doped InGaAsP/InP l.e.d.s for high-bit-rate optical-communication systems
Rain attenuation of 12/14 GHz satellite video transmissions
Double-alkali effect: influence on index profile of ion-exchanged waveguides
Wavelength-dependent transmission at fibre connectors
Rapidly converging observers involve high-order differentiations
Synthesis of matched b.j.t. cascode broadband amplifiers
Monolithic 256-point programmable transversal filter
Spectral characterisation of ternary threshold functions
In0.53Ga0.47As p-i-n photodiodes for long-wavelength fibre-optic systems
Recursive linear estimation of linearly constrained parameters
Combination of complex rectangular transforms and f.n.t. to implement fast convolution
Ultraviolet photoconductive detectors in Zn3P2
Explicit solution of calibration equations for a dual 6-port network analyser
Fast technique for computing syndromes of B.C.H. and Reed-Solomon codes
Analytical relations between modal power distribution and near-field intensity in graded-index fibres
Fault-tolerant digital clocking systems
High-resolution analysis of exponentially decaying transients for physics d.l.t.s. experiments
Active C realisation for the general biquadratic voltage transfer functions
Phosphor-doped silica cladding v.a.d. fibres
Effect of finite size of ground plane on the impedance of a monopole immersed in a lossy medium
Dispersion minimisation in single-mode fibres over a wide spectral range
Erratum: Fourier-series representation for phase density of sum of signal, noise and interference
Erratum: Another method for the RC active simulation of doubly-terminated LC ladder filters
Erratum: Novel microwave GaAs field-effect transistors
Erratum: Preparation and properties of GaAs layers for novel f.e.t. structures

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