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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 20, 27 September 1979

Volume 15, Issue 20

27 September 1979

Digraph analysis of large-scale systems: the system primitive
Evaluation of the transient response of linear stationary systems to a class of excitations
Birefringence in elliptically deformed optical fibres
Very low OH content P2O5-doped silica fibres
Transfer functions with equiripple passband and very low Q-factor for economical active filters
Effects of ion implantation on deep levels in GaAs
Low-threshold (Ga,In)(As,P) d.h. lasers emitting at 1.55 μm grown by l.p.e.
Electrochemical carrier concentration profiling in silicon
Double-sided least-squares problem
Structure simplification of optical isolator coupled with laser diode
Novel microwave GaAs field-effect transistors
Preparation and properties of GaAs layers for novel f.e.t. structures
Coefficient correction in programmable c.c.d. recursive filters
Influence of waveguide effects on pulse-delay measurements of material dispersion in optical fibres
M.O.S. switched-capacitor amplifiers
Nondestructive determination of refractive-index profile and cross-sectional geometry of optical-fibre preform
Surface impedance of elliptical hollow conducting waveguides
Omnidirectional s.h.f. antenna consisting of horn radiators and plane reflectors
Modulo-N counter technique for the u.h.f. band
Appraisal of the inverted-mesa AT-cut quartz resonator for achieving low-inductance high-Q single-response crystal units
Variation of lange-coupler geometry with dielectric constant
Switched-capacitor filters using floating-inductance simulation circuits
Enhancement- and depletion-mode vertical-channel m.o.s. gated thyristors
Automatic electrochemical profiling of carrier concentration in indium phosphide
Automatic electrochemical profiling of Hall mobility in semiconductors
Comment: Alternative approach to the design of switched-capacitor filters
GaAs f.e.t. transimpedance front-end design for a wideband optical receiver
Elliptical corrugated horn for broadcasting-satellite antennas
Seasonal variations of attenuation statistics in millimetre-wave Earth-satellite link due to bright-band height
InGaAsP p-i-n photodiodes with low dark current and small capacitance
Arbitrary polarisation microwave receiver applied to OTS reception
Exact surface impedance for a cylindrical conductor
Design of optimal controller for linear single-input system
Baseband compatible s.a.w. processors
Recombination in gallium phosphide via a deep state associated with nickel
Generalised correlation model for designing 2-dimensional image coders
Preliminary c.w. reliability measurements on GaAs-(GaAl)As stripe lasers grown by metal-organic c.v.d.
New equal-valued earthed-capacitor notch network using d.v.c.c.s./d.v.c.v.s.

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