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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 2, 18 January 1979

Volume 15, Issue 2

18 January 1979

High-efficiency superluminescent diodes for optical-fibre transmission
Improved theory for microstrip antennas
Capacitance of a microstrip of unequal widths in a homogeneous medium
Electron-beam annealing of ion-implanted silicon
Sinusoidal frequency doubler
Millimetre-wave phase modulators with lumped-element circuitry
Eigenvalues of noise covariance matrix of linear array in the presence of two directional interferences
Changes in the thermal oxidation of gallium arsenide induced by ion implantation
Measurement of extinction cross-sections of dry and wet ice spheres at 35 GHz
Solar-cell panel simulator
Slope-normalised sensitivity: a new sensitivity measure
Optical transmission loss of germanium borosilicate fibres as a function of drawing conditions
Similitude between ionic wind, discharge pattern and corona current
Radiation from optical waveguides: leaky-mode interpretation
As2S3-p.e.s. sandwich ribbon fibre for coupling high-refractive-index integrated optics
Nonlinearity of d.h. GaAlAs lasers
Comment: D.C. solutions of bipolar-transistor circuits
Reply: D.C. solutions of bipolar-transistor circuits
Shear surface acoustic waves at the periodically nonuniform boundary between two solids
Spread in effective permittivity of alumina substrates
Performance of interframe predictive coders for television signals under various conditions of motion
Transmitter drive using digital techniques to give frequency modulation
Correction: Simple method for computing elements of order 2kn, where n/2p−1−1 and 2≤kp+1, in GF[(2p−1)2]

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