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Electronics Letters

Volume 15, Issue 19, 13 September 1979

Volume 15, Issue 19

13 September 1979

Periodic slow-wave low-loss structures for monolithic GaAs microwave integrated circuits
Joint parameter/state estimation
Fundamental charge distributions for surface-wave interdigital transducer analysis
Comment: Analytic expression for the frequency response and bandwidth of a spherical random array
Reply: Analytic expression for the frequency response and bandwidth of a spherical random array
Influence of central valley effective mass and alloy scattering on transient drift velocity in Ga1−xInxP1−yAsy
Improved algorithm for probe-corrected spherical near-field/far-field transformation
Analysis of approximations for the mode dispersion in monomode fibres
Pulsed GaAs f.e.t. operation for high peak output powers
Remarks on the convolution algorithm of Agarwal and Cooley
Direct modulation characteristics of GaInAsP/InP d.h. lasers with various stripe widths measured by sharp-pulse method
Modulation characteristics of 1.3 μm buried-stripe InGaAsP laser up to 2 Gbit/s data rates
Nonlinear circuit analysis through periodic spline approximation
Small-area GaAs-GaAlAs heterostructure light-emitting diode with improved current confinement
Equivalent circuits for high-frequency sonar transducers
On-resistance of V-v.m.o.s. power transistors
Cumulative crosspolarisation and canting angle distributions
Surface stability of GaAs during tin diffusion
Room temperature c.w. operation of InGaAsP/InP heterostructure lasers emitting at 1.56 μm
Multimode fibre baseband frequency response measurement with single frequency output extracted from modulated InGaAsP laser

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