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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 8, 13 April 1978

Volume 14, Issue 8

13 April 1978

Electromagnetic versus acoustic backscattering by prolate spheroids
Results on low-loss wideband ultrasonic transducers for non-invasive medical application
Diffraction of a dipole field by a perfectly conducting thick half-plate
A method for the assessment of the performance of high-speed analogue/digital convertors
V-groove substrate fed logic
Introducing disjoint spectral translation in spectral multiple-valued logic design
Precise angular misalignment measurement in optical fibre connector plugs
Determination of scattering widths of a long thin wire using an open resonator
Formula giving single-mode limit of optical fibre having arbitrary refractive-index profile
A new method of low-temperature zinc diffusion into GaAs and GaP using anodic oxides
Realisation of a 2-dimensional f.i.r. digital filter using separable filters
Comment: Crosstalkless termination of multiwire cables
Reply: Crosstalkless termination of multiwire cables
Probability density functions for Hadamard coefficients in transformed television pictures
A precise digital phase shifter using a phase-locked loop
A 14/12 GHz f.e.t. frequency convertor
Design of high-gain state-feedback controllers for linear multivariable systems
Approximations to hybrid mode slot line behaviour
Wide-range monolithic bipolar—j.f.e.t. c.c.o.
System reduction using Cauer continued fraction expansion about s = 0 and s = ∞ alternately
Performance of a novel dielectric waveguide system for microwave power utilisation by divers

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