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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 5, 2 March 1978

Volume 14, Issue 5

2 March 1978

Low leakage nearly ideal Schottky barriers to n-InP
Low noise charge-sensitive preamplifier for fast pulse counting
Multimode field theory explanation of kinks in the characteristics of DH lasers
Boron segregation data for d.m.o.s. devices
On multiplicative overflow detection in residue number system
Field deformation in a curved single-mode fibre
Optical waveguides fabricated by electric-field controlled ion exchange in glass
Optimisation of feed position and improved profile mapping of a reflector antenna from microwave holographic measurements
A 36 GHz printed planar array
Nodal analysis of d.c. bias circuits
50mm diameter TE01 mode helical waveguide optimisation
Measurement of digital signal impairment due to forward echo
Influence of noncircular core on the polarisation performance of single mode fibres
Investigation of scattering by corrugated structures using impedance boundary conditions
Alternative pedestal generation scheme gives flickerfree pictures from a pyroelectric vidicon chopper camera
Oversize single-mode H-guide
Direct measurement of wavelength dispersion in optical fibres-difference method
Low loss and low OH content soda-lime-silica glass fibre
Ion implanted GaAs varactor diodes: capacitance uniformity
Attenuation/rain-rate relationships on terrestrial microwave links in the frequency range 10–40 GHz
High efficiency pulsed GaAs Read impatt diodes
Fabrication of low-loss 3 dB couplers with multimode optical fibres
Intensity profile distortion due to resolution limitation in fibre index profile determination by near field

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