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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 4, 16 February 1978

Volume 14, Issue 4

16 February 1978

Use of current controlled GaAs l.p.e. for optimum doping profiles in l.s.a. diodes
The influence of a fibre structure on optical loss in a graded-index fibre
Low temperature electroplated Au–SnNi–Au ohmic contacts on n type GaAs
Quasi-optical channel diplexer using Fabry–Perot resonator
Binary baseband polar signals in combination with continuous and impulsive noise with i.s.i.
Demonstration of a c.c.d. image processor for two-dimensional edge detection
Pulsed laser annealing of zinc implanted GaAs
A new d.h. laser configuration with passive transverse field confinement
Improved chemical vapour deposition method for long-length optical fibre
Effect of wall thickness on radiation from circular waveguides
20ps/Gate Gunn-effect high-speed carry finding device
A minterm interchange operation in the Walsh spectrum domain
Effect of rain in the near field of an antenna
Application of super-resolution techniques to time domain reflectometry systems
Prediction of dual-shaped-reflector antenna crosspolarisation
Investigation into the survival of epitaxial bipolar transistors in current mode second breakdown
Groove guide propagation characteristics at 3mm wavelength
Switching conduction in ion-irradiated layers in GaAs
Discrete radiation from curved single-mode fibres: a comparison of theories
Optimum decoding of M-ary polarisation modulated laser signal
Relative phase measurements at 30 GHz between copolar and induced crosspolar signals produced by ice particles on a satellite-to-ground link
Computer display of vowel quadrilateral with real-time representation of articulation
Adaptive instantaneous pitch detector with microcomputer error correction
Crossovers in microstrip
Optimum single-zero lead compensation of systems having two dominant poles
Measurement of single-mode fibre core-cladding concentricity
On exact compensation of transfer inefficiency in a charge-transfer delay line
Improved mean power and long pulse width operation of InP t.e.o.s in J band
On a sequential regression predictor
An asynchronous logic array for the realisation of logic systems with concurrency
Radiation conductance of open-circuit low dielectric constant microstrip
A membrane wave delay line

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