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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 3, 2 February 1978

Volume 14, Issue 3

2 February 1978

Investigation of optical fibre buckling in loose-tube packaging
Encoding-decoding optical fibre network
Microstrip couplers with improved directivity
InP–SiO2 m.i.s. structure with reduced interface state density near conduction band
Radiation patterns of a reflector antenna incorporating a compensating secondary mirror
Jointing loss in single-mode fibres
Transient response of new type of varactor diode having multilayer structure
Radiation from a radial waveguide in a magnetoplasma
Eigenvalue sensitivity method for optimal stabilisation of linear systems
A c.t.d. adaptive inverse filter
Diode multiplexer in the multi-Gbit/s range
Optimum operating wavelength for chromatic equalisation in multimode optical fibres
TE01 attenuation of 90° sharp bend in reduced diameter circular waveguide
Very low noise silicon planar avalanche photodiodes
A functionally-complete ternary system
A new signalling format for optical communications
Variational expression of the propagation constant for leaky modes
Narrowband Gaussian noise: variance of the number of zero crossings

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