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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 23, 9 November 1978

Volume 14, Issue 23

9 November 1978

p-i-n diode reverse-bias switching via inductive discharging
C.W. modelocking of a GaInAsP diode laser
Characteristics of double-groove guide at 3 mm wavelength
Threshold dependence on active-layer thickness in InGaAsP/InP d.h. lasers
Realisation of nth-order lowpass voltage transfer function by active R circuit: signal-flow-graph approach
Comment on the use of stochastic approximation for state estimation in discrete nonlinear dynamical systems
Computational efficiency of number-theoretic-transform-implemented finite-impulse-response filters
Millimetre-wave switching by optically generated plasma in silicon
Bandwidth of a dipole near and parallel to a conducting plane
Feed radiation patterns modified by a dichroic plate
Increasing the effective barrier height of Schottky contacts to n–InxGa1−xAs
Pole placement using output feedback
Multifunction active R filter with two operational amplifiers
High-speed iterative array for binary multiplication
Redefined element factor for simplified i.d.t. design
Convolution by membrane waves

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