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Electronics Letters

Volume 14, Issue 20, 28 September 1978

Volume 14, Issue 20

28 September 1978

Electrostatically controlled wire-mesh antenna
Gray scale for scanning acoustic microscopy
n-channel inversion-mode InP m.i.s.f.e.t.
Application of switched-capacitor resistors in RC oscillators
Delta-modulation/p.c.m. convertor
Low-frequency noise in ideal GaAs Schottky-barrier diodes
Use of principal mode numbers in the theory of microbending
Synthesis of active RC multiport voltage transfer functions with reduced number of operational amplifiers
Realistic efficiency of coupling light from GaAs laser diodes into parabolic-index optical fibres
Generalisation of m.f.m.b.o. and transitional Butterworth-Cheby̅shev filters
Maximum-likelihood reception on nonlinear dispersive data channels
High-performance digitally programmable analogue transversal filter
Novel f.e.t. power oscillator
Electrically erasable f.a.m.o.s. memory structure using avalanche injection from floating gate
Cutoff frequencies of a parabolic-core W-type fibre
Bias and residual intersymbol interference of minimum-variance equalisers for digital communication
New approach to aggregate model formulation through state feedback
Transitional Butterworth-Cheby̅shev filters
Erratum: Evaluation of nonperiodic autocorrelation parameters for maximal-length sequences
Erratum: Envelope probability density function of the sum of signal, noise and interference
Erratum: High-stability acousto-optical devices using bulk acoustic waves in TeO2
Erratum: Single-mode fibre connectors

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